News 03 06 2017

Distro update.


News 10 03 2017

Italian Speed fukking Thrash Metal Baphomet Blood sign deal for released warflag, the artwork taken from new album Insatan we trust


News 10 01 2017

Deiphago new tshirt for supporting future plan south east asian tour on march, tshirt exclusiv new artwork.


News 03 01 2017

New sign deal with japanis black metal gods hellkome to our banner Sabbat deal for new merchandis tshirt.


News 20 12 2016

New Morbosidad warflag finaly availabel, get it now.


News 10 12 2016

Nekkrofukk poland black doom metal sign deal for tshirt with artwork taken from first Ep nekklear goat vomit.


News 05 12 2016

New Rotting christ - Satanica all over print tshirt ultra limited edition


News 01 09 2016

New Rotting christ - Satanica long sleeve ultra limited edition, shirt will be out this mid october


News 28 08 2016

New plan for next release about big poster banner flag


News 28 04 2016

New Warzipp hoodie Rajam flayer priview


News 18 04 2016

We have bad new front man Rajam Sir Warlord has die after show and walk done in the stage last show in Lumajang east java 18/04/2016, we in indonesia shock hear bad news


News 12 03 2016

Welcome back Sathanas secondly got deal with them, new Zipper hoodie sweetshirt Sathanas will kick your ass in March flayer priview zipper will uploding very soon limited quantity print!! Keep your eyes maniack!!!!


News 01 12 2015

Germany occult ritual goat metal Goatblood joined on our wing to released tshirt and zip hoodie


News 19 11 2015

New studio allbum Rajam - The jackals regiment finaly set release on this december beware


News 04 10 2015

Pround to let you know, new Rotting christ - Hellenic black metal legion official tshirt will be print and ready to shipp early on in the end of this october with limited quantity


News 24 07 2015

New sign deal eastern khaos kommando Grim infernus inked to ludah production released new ep called blasphemy and crush will be released in early on august.


News 05 07 2015

New sign deal another come from texas kommando Obeisance-Unholy profanation artwork for licencing tshirt quantity limited print.


News 25 06 2015

New sign deal another come from texas goat kommando Morbosidad for licencing tshirt quantity limited print.


News 13 06 2015

New sign deal with texas satanik death metal BLASPHERIAN for licencing tshirt " Death is my savior " title of the shirt limited 40pcs .


News 08 06 2015

We are pround to annouce new sign deal with Norwagian trashing speed metal mighty hail Nocturnal breed for releasing merchandise tshirt called " Napalm night " limited 40pcs .


News 18 04 2015

New warbrother come from Texas mighty hail Satanik Goat Ritual has deal with new merchandise .


News 18 03 2015

New official tshirt Abhorer - Repudiated Faith finaly out now limmited print.


News 08 02 2015

New official tshirt from brasilian war kommando GOATPENIS will be under our weapon. Limited 50pcs flayer of the shirt will uploded very soon!!.


News 21 01 2015

Distro update.


News 02 09 2014

The Sacrilegious Eradication title of new merchandise from Draconis infernum officialy under our wing, this merch will be print long sleeve and tshirt, preview of the picture will be anoucen early on sept.


News 07 08 2014

New sign Sadiztik Impaler aggremnet for release merch under our wing, this armour will printing long sleeve only exclusivle limited.


News 16 04 2014

New armour Infernal execrator - Ad infinitum satanic adherent long sleeve exclusivly will be printted limited edition.


News 21 04 2014

New rooted Triumphator has finished recording for debut ep. Now matrial on mixing working sample song will be anoucing soon on may.


News 27 03 2014

New official merchandise Sorghegard - holocaust of the holy tshirt exclusive under our wing, shirt will be print limmited 50pcs worldwide.


News 01 01 2014

Hail n horde and heppy fucking new year 2014, more new in january release will be update and rape you all with our released.


News 11 08 2013

Thornspawn and Istidraj Agreement licenced to Long sleeve split Sacrilegious Unification Spawn of Abominable Darkness & Hate shirt will be out in early on october exclusive limited 60pcs.


News 23 08 2013

New merchandis Vallendusk - Homeward path officialy under our wing the long sleeve will be printed limited edition 60 pieces artwork will be annouce this weekend preorder now before they are gone by wind


News 15 08 2013

New rooted Warkult have inked worldwide in our regiment this skuaddron come from west jawa Indonesia dou issued for warmup for split CD released with eastern goat mighty Sereignos called blasphemous alliance in september, we bring you merch first from Warkult - Dethroned hyprocrit emperor will be released limited in long sleeve only artwork will be announce this week.


News 24 05 2013

New official merchandis Ritual orchestra - Anthem to the lord of fire will be exclusive under our wing artwork will be announced begin of next month, tshirt will be printed limitted quantity.


News 02 04 2013

Welcomeback Sir Warlord and all RAJAM kommando you are the best we have sign, here we are we bring you third new studio album from RAJAM - 350 this is the true story war in indonesia.


News 12 03 2013

We pround to anoucing new band under our wing Sereignos got deal for release merchandish.


News 27 01 2013

New merchandis Deleted - Hell metal patch and Loong sleeve will be released under our wing the patch be out early in the end of February and Loong sleeve still wait confirmed after CD release so you must be take passion for wait exclusife manufactured made in Indonesia with hight quality.


News 21 01 2013

Barbalans Borneon malaysian black metal ageement released new merchandis under our wing, the patch will be out early on mid February our manufactured made in Indonesia with hight quality woven patch.


News 19 01 2013

Defiling the altar of gods title of split Tshirt and loong sleeve from Battlestorm (sgp) / Fettid Zombie (usa) will be out in early next mounth exclusife artwork from an artis Mark riddick, printed limitted quantity.



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