Ritual Orchestra is mistic rythme to back a darkness ritual ceremony. Ritual Orchestra stand on November, 10th­ 1995 in Malang, East Java and had 3 soldiers to keep it loyally. They were Deus Iblyssiah ( Guitar), Throne Of The Moon ( Vocal Bass),

Wine of Satan ( Drumm ). At the beginning, Ritual Orchestra’s still being a black death metal band that every their live show,

they played the other band’s song. After they felt It’s Enough and found a match music concept “ Dark Majestic Black Metal “, they really sure stand up on the top of Eastern Hell Command.




Ijajil was born exactly on the Equator Line South Borneo Banjarmasin 1998, after three years going with one full schedule show and activity personel the one have permanen work, make Ijajil journey stagnating, exactly at year of 2001 Ijajil announce stop ( VACUM ) for A moment time. With this new spirit court officials war from borneo already to spread trumpet that beginning journey war already exhaled year of 2004, one year latter Ijajil direct come on studio for record their first demo the have content three songs with title “ Planet Destruction “ Demo 2005, in the middle of the year 2006 Ijajil recruit Kadap ( Diabolis Invictus ) for fill up Gitar and once again recruit their old Commander from Hermitage that is Abgarth in Gitar position. 


Emptys formatted on Early 2000. After had a lot of problem in music making and personal formation. At 2004 had record 1 single, the tittle is "The Crushed Wisdom" to show this existention, this song there is on Emptys agree will release 1 demo on 2006 and process for record 6 songs in Nada Musica Studio at May 28th

- July 16th ­ 2006. A lot of show that had done by Emptys have created live concert VCD, the tittle is Emptys Vicious Live 2004 2005 that released by Ludah Production. Now, Eastern Hell Command calling Formations Emptys are : Yudi ( Vocalist ), Anamy ( Drummer ), Ivan ( Bassist ), Pg. Warmageddon ( Guitarist ).




In Loving Memory stood in Gresik, the end 1989 after completed, New Formation in 2008, From left Dodik , Udin , Valentine, Ash , Heri was original member in 1999 - 2005 Now she left from the Band, and Aid,





Rajam stood in Madura on 2000. New formation : Sir Demonic

( chaotic war command ), Black North ( guitarist ), Dauk ( bassist ), and Coffin ( drummer ), concept Rajam choose to play Extreme Fast Black metal with wrapped by Death / War metal elements. Rajam’s personal called it Bestial War. on August 2003 Rajam filled with

Coffin arrival again as a drummer. And now this personal are:

Sir Demonic ( Chaotic War Command ), Sir Warlord ( Bestial War Executioner ), East Demon ( Battle Noise of Terror ), and Coffin

( Bestial War Machine ). show their cruelty on Eastern Hell Command.




Immortal Rites stood on 1998 in Kediri East Java. With the first personal Arifin as vocalist , Anddie as lead guitarist ,Dwe Farmosath as bassist , A’ar as drummer .they tried to mix Death Metal and Black Metal music. Actually, this personal not survive for a long time in early 2001 . At the same year Immortal Rites recruited Dony Petek ( Iconoclasm ) . 5 years in Immortal Rites Arifin got out. Until now their soldiers are: Anddie ( lead guitarist ), Dony Petek ( rhytmes guitarist ), Dwe Farmosath ( bassist, vocalist ), Do-die ( drummer ) wether their music concept is Sadistic Chaos Black Metal. Those soldiers ready to make a darkness with Eastern Hell Command



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